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On February 6, 2023, decided to ban me from all prize events for the rest of 2023.After a game versus a Chinese grandmaster, I had a suspicion that my opponent was cheating. However, cheating in one single game is very difficult to prove. After the game I was unfortunately using an offensive language, which […]

JOBAVA in FIDE World Chess Blitz World Championships 2022

Jobava fights for a top position in the FIDE World Chess Blitz World Championships in Almaty, Kazahkstan. He ended day 1 with five straight wins in the last 5 rounds, including wins against GM Bassem Amin and GM Jorden van Foreest. Day 2 has also started well with a win against GM Shakriyar Mamedyarov. Follow […]

Jobava enters Elite Hotel Open in Växjö, Sweden

Jobava plays IM Jacob Carstensen in Växjö, 2016 We are happy to confirm that Jobava is to participate in Elite Hotels Open, which is one of the Swedish Grand Prix Chess tournaments, held in Växjö, Sweden on February 7-9, 2020. Last year he also participated in another tournament of the Swedish Grand Prix, Deltalift Open, Tylösand. On […]

Million of viewers as Jobava faced Carlsen in King Salman World Blitz

Norwegian NRK was brodcasting the King Salman World Rapid and Blitz championships live from Moscow. The broadcast was followed by millions of viewers throughout Norway and Scandinavia as the Norwegians were hoping for another victory for the amazing Carlsen. Chess expert commentator IM Atle Grønn (left) with the NRK TV host Ole Rolfsrud (right) In […]

GM Sergei Movsesian in the 10th round

In today’s Round 10, Jobava will play Armenian GM Sergei Movsesian. It is 11 years ago they played a classical game which ended in a draw in the Olympiad 2008. Both players have had a tough tournament so far, scoring 4.5/9, but both players are looking for improving their standings in the last two rounds. […]

Draw versus GM Bassem Amin in 9th round after time-trouble

With only 3 rounds left, Jobava was facing Egypt’s strongest player GM Bassem Amin in round 9 of FIDE Grand Swiss on Isle of Man. Jobava chose the Sämisch variation in the Kind’s Indian Defense, followed by long-castle and preparing for an attack on the king-side. In move 12, Jobava deviated from any game played […]

Miraculous save against Oparin in round 8

In the 8th round, Jobava went “all in” to try to win the game. Avoiding known theoretical lines in the opening however, can be a huge risk. “I did not want a draw so I allowed him to attack in order for me to create some counter-play. However, 12..Re8 followed by 13..Nc6 was a mistake […]

Jobava escaped a potential draw for the opponent in the 7th round

With three losses after the first six rounds, Jobava was determined to recover in the 7th round, playing with the white pieces vs IM Anna Zatonskih. It became a game where Jobava dominated the middle-game and everything looked like a highway to victory. However, a momentary lapse of concentration in time-trouble, Jobava’s 32. Nf3? could […]

Both ups and downs for Jobava in first five rounds

Jobava had an excellent start in the FIDE Grand Swiss on Isle of Man, scoring a full point against British GM David Howell and then drawing GM Aleksey Dreev in the second round. Then Jobava’s long streak of not losing finally came to an end due to some unlucky circumstances. In the game versus […]