Jobava vs Carlsen in Round 6 of FIDE World Rapid Chess Championships

After an excellent winning streak in the first four rounds, Jobava was about to seal the deal by also winning Round 5 against the hero of the home soil, GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda. Duda had a very strong middlegame, but the tables turned around move 40 and Jobava got the initiative. At move 46, Duda tried a cheap trick by Qc8 and escaped with it, as Jobava missed the pretty straightforward Qd6 in time-trouble and instead played Qe6, where Duda could equalize with Qxc7. The game ended in a draw.

Position after 46. Qc8

After the first five rounds, Jobava now shares the lead together with Duda and GM Magnus Carlsen. So in round 6, Jobava will face the world champion which starts at 15.00 CET which you can watch live at NRK, or

Two years ago the two met in the Blitz World Championships, when Carlsen managed to win after a blunder by Jobava in the endgame.

GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs GM Baadur Jobava in the fifth round.

Watch FIDE’s interview with Jobava.

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