Jobava won the 8th round vs Bartel with his b3 signature opening

Jobava played his signature b3 opening for the first time in the tournament and the middle-game turned out to be very complex. Bartel came into time trouble and did a decisive mistake and Jobava won his 7th game out of 8! An incredible performance. A draw will be enough tomorrow to secure the title. Please […]

Jobava on a winning streak

Today Jobava faced the current World Junior Champion GM Parham Maghsoodloo in the sixth round of Abu Dhabi Masters and it turned into a very creative, tactical and sharp game. “This game was a continuation from last night’s final rounds’ blitz game where I also faced Maghsoodloo with the white pieces. Yesterday I played d4 as […]

Jobava overpowers GM Salem after excellent defense

In round 5 of Abu Dhabi Masters, Jobava faced UAE’s number one player GM Salem. Both are tactical players and so we were not too surprised when the game turned into a very sharp game in the Slav Defense. Salem was pushing hard as white, perhaps with a slight advantage but Jobava played a brilliant […]

Participating in Deltalift Open

I received a special invitation from my sponsor Mobile Labs to play Deltalift Open in Sweden. It is a traditional tournament played at the Swedish west-coast, located right at the beach close to Halmstad in a small village called Tylösand. The owner of the hotel is in fact the former member of the pop-group Roxette, […]