Jobava escaped a potential draw for the opponent in the 7th round

With three losses after the first six rounds, Jobava was determined to recover in the 7th round, playing with the white pieces vs IM Anna Zatonskih. It became a game where Jobava dominated the middle-game and everything looked like a highway to victory. However, a momentary lapse of concentration in time-trouble, Jobava’s 32. Nf3? could […]

Both ups and downs for Jobava in first five rounds

Jobava had an excellent start in the FIDE Grand Swiss on Isle of Man, scoring a full point against British GM David Howell and then drawing GM Aleksey Dreev in the second round. Then Jobava’s long streak of not losing finally came to an end due to some unlucky circumstances. In the game versus […]

Jobava enters FIDE Grand Swiss tomorrow!

Today Jobava will enter the FIDE Grand Swiss tournament on Isle of Man, with a record prize fund of 432 500 USD. The winner not only receives 70 000 USD in first prize, but also will qualify for the FIDE Candidates tournament, which essentially will give the winner a chance to challenge World Champion […]

Jobava won the 8th round vs Bartel with his b3 signature opening

Jobava played his signature b3 opening for the first time in the tournament and the middle-game turned out to be very complex. Bartel came into time trouble and did a decisive mistake and Jobava won his 7th game out of 8! An incredible performance. A draw will be enough tomorrow to secure the title. Please […]

Jobava on a winning streak

Today Jobava faced the current World Junior Champion GM Parham Maghsoodloo in the sixth round of Abu Dhabi Masters and it turned into a very creative, tactical and sharp game. “This game was a continuation from last night’s final rounds’ blitz game where I also faced Maghsoodloo with the white pieces. Yesterday I played d4 as […]

Jobava overpowers GM Salem after excellent defense

In round 5 of Abu Dhabi Masters, Jobava faced UAE’s number one player GM Salem. Both are tactical players and so we were not too surprised when the game turned into a very sharp game in the Slav Defense. Salem was pushing hard as white, perhaps with a slight advantage but Jobava played a brilliant […]